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Blap Deli – W O M A N ( Album Out March 14th )

We’re very proud to announce the March 14th release of Blap Deli’s next Pragmatic Theory project entitled “W O M A N”. To give an insight into the project we sat down with Blap for a little Q & A.

For the fans who aren’t familiar, can you begin by telling us a little about yourself ?
My birth name is Emmett. I live in Healdsburg, CA where I was born and raised, and been producing under the moniker BläpDëli for the last few years. Been a musician my whole life.

When working on projects, do you set out with a specific vision & sound in mind or do you let your projects grow & progress organically ?
More times than not, I will head to my studio juiced to the cusp about a concept i’ve been thinking about all day, then i turn everything on and smoke a cigarette and make some coffee, and next thing you know I’m getting dinner, and smoking more cigarettes and just like that……… I have a pretty mediocre track. But, sometimes I will feel like my eyes have been closed for hours and I’ll just wake up in the studio with this beautiful sound coming through my headphones. It’ll sometimes take me a few minutes to snap out the chakra vessel, but it’s almost like i wasn’t even there for the making of it.

What was your vision for the March 14th release “Woman” & what can people expect to hear ?
I wanted to bring something that was both a future sound and exercising my musicianship. Playing a lot of the sounds in and using my own samples. WOMAN is kind of my attempt of meshing fashion & photography into sound, although, I realize that makes no sense, it just is what it is.

The artwork for the project was designed by Gary Paintin. Can you tell us a little about how this came about ?
Gary & I went to High School together and was one of my first friends transferring to a new school in a new city growing up. His art was basically the first thing that really stood out in him and probably will be the last too. We’ve always been working side by side on projects and even lived together for a year or so, but never had worked on the same project for some reason. So, I brought him in on “Woman” to help me brand it, more or less.

What inspires Blap Deli ?
Tasty coffee, Cigarettes, and the pain and suffering of Love.

What can we expect from Blap Deli in the future ?
Shit that you have never heard before… from anyone.

Blap Deli “W O M A N” will be released March 14th on Pragmatic Theory Records.

Bläp Dëli Links : Twitter / Tumblr / Soundcloud / TheSandboxCollective / Goldie Records
Pragmatic Theory Records Links : Website / Bandcamp / Soundcloud

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