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Various Artists – SoundCloud Sunday #3

SoundCloud Sunday numero tres! #3 featuring some badasses here some you may know, hopefully some you haven’t come across yet and are diggin…enjoy a nice mix of styles here that make for a nice Sunday vibe session featuring tracks from Constrobuz, ill sugi, chief, beatmachinearon, dil withers, SLiM PiCKENS, al dali, akira katani, KA-YU, S.F.T, psymun..Enjoy, like, & share!

Constrobuz links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Twitter

Ill sugi links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp

Chief Beatmaker links: Website // Facebook // Twitter

beatmachinearon links: Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

dil withers links: Facebook

SLiM PiCKENS links: Radio // Facebook // Twitter

Al Dali links: Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Akira Katani links: Facebook
SLiM PiCKENS links: Radio // Facebook // Twitter

KA-YU links: Website // Facebook // Twitter

S.F.T links: Website // Facebook // Twitter

Psymun links: Website // Twitter // Facebook


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