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    The Benchwarmers Clique – Lungs

    What I love about listening to the Benchwarmer’s Clique is that they are uniquely in their own genre. I can’t recall any track that I’ve felt was subpar in delivery or execution and with how ill each track is the good vibes only makes it feels so natural and genuine…this talent of theirs is just magical, I’m actually thankful to be able ...

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    Soundcloud Saturday

    Mornin’! I’ve been hella mia on Soundcloud since the new changes have occurred with the site and you know liking myself as an OG on that site ha! I was reluctant and resistant…but ah, the love is still on there within the community so I’m back on. It’s where PT’s origins lie and I think it’s time we get back in it ...

    On July 18, 2015 / By
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    Gigio – It’s An Everyday Thang (EP) [Name Your Price]

    I’ve been listening to Gigio for years…definitely my numero uno artist! and I’m always so amazed to see this self evolution through music that I never feel is limited by definition or stagnancy. Gigio delivers so naturally and articulately all at once. He sums up this album perfectly: “thematic symphonic slappin’ soundtrack for the simple but complex blue collar rebel romantic soul ...

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    Throwback Thursday!

    Take a look back at some of the Pragmatic Theory compilation tracks! ALL albums are FREE to D/L, Enjoy! Pragmatic Theory Present : Curtis The Beat Tape by Snakehips Snakehips: Soundcloud New Classic by Pragmatic Theory Glyphick: Soundcloud Summer In The City by Pragmatic Theory S.F.T: Soundcloud Euphonic Elements by Pragmatic Theory Sixfingerz: Soundcloud The Soul Sessions by Pragmatic Theory Robot Orchestra: ...

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    Roy Harpaz Design – ‘TOC’ vertical record player

    From what we can tell this currently is only a concept with the possibility of production. All we can say is we want one! Here’s what Roy Harpaz has to say about the design & function : “TOC’ was created with two main aspects in mind: easy use with a clean and simple design.It works with a linear tracking system to capture ...

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    The Chosen Few – Time Capsule : The Unreleased 1991 Demos

    “Picture it, Long Island, NY, 1986. The crack epidemic had taken its hold over the hood. In fact there had just been an edition of the popular American news show “60 Minutes” which featured a block in Amityville, soon to be known to some local artists as Horror City, which was suffering from heavy unemployment and the effects of the this new ...

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    Knxwledge – H​.​S​.​PRT9

    Latest offering from the beat addict Knx. You already know… H​.​S​.​PRT9 is loaded with the raw deep R&B soundscape that is Knxwledge’s trademark & adds nicely to the artists already bottomless catalogue. Released : 27 June 2015 Cost : $8.88 H.S.PRT9_ by Knxwledge. ...

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    Leon Bridges – Coming Home, Better Man & Smooth Sailin’

    Without a doubt our favourite new artist of 2015. Leon Bridges throw back to the golden era of 60’s soul, with the sweetest of vocals & feel good lyrics provides the perfect soundtrack to the summer. His new album is out now entitled “Coming Home”, which in our opinion is a modern day masterpiece not to be slept on. Enjoy the three ...

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  • BIG5102
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    House Shoes Presents – B.I.G. Re:Imagined

    In 2014, House Shoes sent a batch of B.I.G. acapellas to some of his closest friends, who just happen to be some of your favorite producers. This remix album was the result. A limited number of hand stamped white label 2XLP’s recently became available for sale to select record stores across the globe. Originally released digitally on House Shoes Soundcloud page, the ...

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    Bläp Dëli On Tour With Thriftworks & Russ Liquid

    Pragmatic Theory’s very own Bläp Dëli will be on tour this September alongside Thriftworks & Russ Liquid. ...

    On July 14, 2015 / By