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  • Illinformed - The Mould Tape (rhythm22 picture archives)
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    (Audio) Illinformed – ‘The Mould Tape’

    Yo wos happening R22 fam?! It’s been a long time from me so here’s some dope beats to step to! Some new fire from UK producer Illinformed reppin BVA’s Real Life Drama Records.. 14 New tracks with features from some of the best talent the UK has to offer right now, such as Life MC, BVA, Verb T, Fliptrix, Jam Baxter, Split ...

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  • kweli1
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    (News/Album) Talib Kweli – F*ck the Money [FREE D/L]

    Talib Kweli drops a new album up for FREE with features by The Alchemist, Amadeus , Styles P, Miguel, & more…before you get too excited we must be honest the style is touching on the trap beats style nonetheless I’m gon put it up for those into that… Tracklist: GRATITUDE – Prod. by Thanks Joey for Colours Of The Culture. LESLIE NOPE – ...

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    Sir Withers (Sir Froderick x Dill Withers) – Affinity

    The raw lo-fi vibes of Sir Withers new project is a sound & style that is much loved by all here at R22. 11 tracks on a LTD Edition 7″… yes you heard us right… 11 tracks on a 7″ picture disk beat tape no less. Pressed on Monotype Audio Disks & with artwork courtesy of Sir Froderick the release is selling ...

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  • Precision-City-Cover
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    Pragmatic Theory Presents : EEDLY (Lidly x EeMu) – Precision City

    We’re very proud to present to you two extremely talented beat makers out of Tokyo Japan. Lidly and EeMu joined forcers a year ago and started experimenting with synths, Jazz sampling, SP’s & realtime performance…. the rest is now history, EEDLY was spawned. ‘Precision City’ is not just a studio album, it’s a living, breathing and shapeshifting entity with it’s roots deep ...

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    #COMPETITION Win a Pragmatic Theory Vinyl & Merch Bundle, featuring the soon to be released LTD Edition EEDLY Cassette! (Cond. apply)

    All you have to do to participate in some goodies is follow the steps below with a deadline of Aug 9th midnight and we’ll announce the winner the following day!! One love y’all ! Enjoy , share, & support! #COMPETITION Win a Pragmatic Theory Vinyl & Merch Bundle, featuring the soon to be released LTD Edition EEDLY Cassette! To enter, simply LIKE ...

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    A.C.E. (A Criminal Entity) – The Pressure (Prod. by ToneDeff CuTz)

    Not only do they rep the crew #MASSACR, individually they hone in on their craft. Many years being around as ears within the music community, I found more difficultly with sifting through the different outlets of releases and finding a talented lyricist especially one with skills…yet here is A.C.E., hailing from New Jersey executing and exhibiting a natural fit on just as ...

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    Bläp​Dëli – EP2 (Name Your Price)

    California beatmaker Bläp​Dëli displaying another one of many different genres he can put his own touch to. Need some bass, some kick take these as a nice addition to your kick back , hyped up sessions…one love! support, share & enjoy! Bläp​Dëli links: Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter // Vinyl // Goldie Records EP 2 by BläpDëli ...

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  • lungs
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    The Benchwarmers Clique – Lungs

    What I love about listening to the Benchwarmer’s Clique is that they are uniquely in their own genre. I can’t recall any track that I’ve felt was subpar in delivery or execution and with how ill each track is the good vibes only makes it feels so natural and genuine…this talent of theirs is just magical, I’m actually thankful to be able ...

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  • sound-460x460
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    Soundcloud Saturday

    Mornin’! I’ve been hella mia on Soundcloud since the new changes have occurred with the site and you know liking myself as an OG on that site ha! I was reluctant and resistant…but ah, the love is still on there within the community so I’m back on. It’s where PT’s origins lie and I think it’s time we get back in it ...

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    Gigio – It’s An Everyday Thang (EP) [Name Your Price]

    I’ve been listening to Gigio for years…definitely my numero uno artist! and I’m always so amazed to see this self evolution through music that I never feel is limited by definition or stagnancy. Gigio delivers so naturally and articulately all at once. He sums up this album perfectly: “thematic symphonic slappin’ soundtrack for the simple but complex blue collar rebel romantic soul ...

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